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Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses


Wearing glasses can sometimes cast shadows on your eyes, and the best thing to do is to lighten  certain areas of your skin. Apply a lighter foundation around the  nose and under the eyes. This simple step definitely works, but if you want to take it to the next level, try a  bronzer on your cheekbones, next to your nose, and on your forehead.

Beautify Your Eyebrows


 It’s always good to keep your eyebrows clean. You should also make sure that the shape of your eyebrows matches the size and style of your glasses. If you wear large, brightly framed glasses, you may want to make your eyebrows thinner and more defined. On the other hand, full, sharp eyebrows work best  with thin-rimmed glasses.

Play with your eyes

 Most women who wear glasses think  the best way to do  eye makeup is to keep it as simple as possible. By the way, bold and dramatic eye makeup works well  too. Create a cat eye with eyeliner and choose an eyeshadow color that catches the eye. When choosing eyeshadow, it is best to consider the color of the frame.

Focus on lips

We all know that the general rule is to emphasize either the eyes or the lips, not both. If you have glasses with dramatic highlights and  want to pair them with an equally dramatic eyeshadow, flatten your lips. Choose a neutral tinted lipstick  or use lip gloss.

Blusher is a must

Blush is the best way to add  color to your face when you wear glasses and your lips look as natural as possible. It is best to choose a blusher so that the product does not spoil the glasses. Choose one of the pink shadows and apply it to the apples on your cheeks for a natural blush.

Add shimmer to the lower eyelid.

The good thing about wearing glasses is  that they make your eyes look much larger than they really are. If you want to make your eyes stand out, it is best to apply a shimmering shadow to the  lower eyelid. With these simple steps, you can guide people to your beautiful eyes. As soon as you do this you will definitely be praised!.

achieve smoky eyes

Most women who wear glasses think  they will never  be able to take their smoky eyes off of them. FYI, you can get Smokey Eyes. There are only a few things  you can do to successfully deal with this issue. All you have to do is draw a double eyeliner to show the smokey eyes  through the glasses. You’ll be amazed at how great your smoky eyes  look when you wear glasses.

smudge liner

Your glasses have already served to make your eyes look bigger, so your only duty is to get people’s attention to your eyes. This can be done easily  by applying a small patch to the lower  or upper eyelid.

highlight the cheekbones

 Another advantage of glasses is that they emphasize various attractive parts of the face, such as the cheekbones. If you want to make your cheekbones stand out even more, you can lightly apply a light foundation or highlighter. Apply it around your cheekbones and your face will look slimmer than ever!.

Use an eyelash curler

Most ladies wearing glasses are afraid of wearing mascara as they are worried that it might smudge and mess up not only their looks but their glasses as well. Lucky for you, there is one more way that you can “safely” make your lashes look longer and curly. Just use eyelash curler and you will be amazed at how it can open up your eyes and make it look more gorgeous than ever. Stick to these makeup tips and you will surely look rocking in your glasses.

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