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Top 11 Most Attractive Air Hostesses In The World

Top 11 Most Attractive Air Hostesses In The World

#11 Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has the highest reputation for its excellent service provided by the hostess. This has earned us the largest flagship in the Asia Pacific region for the past 17 years as the “World’s Best Flight Attendant Award” in the Business Class Companion category. The uniform is designed in traditional Sharon Kebaya clothing, giving the sweet hostess a unique look. The services and support provided by these airlines are considered to be the best travel services among the various tourism giants.

#10 Kingfisher Airlines

For obvious reasons, India’s most popular airline! One of the most common: airlines have the hottest flight attendants in the world. Kingfisher Airlines stewardess uniforms are very similar to AirAsia uniforms and can be color patterns and the cuts look almost the same. However, both look good and are beautiful.

#9 Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is a Hong Kong-based airline that can be considered one of the best airlines in Asia. They are known for their quality of service, which guarantees comfortable flight service to passengers. Cute, bright, sharp and sexy, the stewardess wears bright red clothing that emphasizes the hostess’ pettiness. Airlines prefer to book a hostess and then train on catwalk and other premium flight service services, rather than hiring a professional model directly.

#8 Air Asia

Air Asia is known for its economic services provided by airlines. These are most valued for providing low cost services without sacrificing the quality of inbound aviation services. They achieved higher heights in a limited amount of time due to the high quality service they provide through the stewardess. Their uniforms consist of a bright red blazer and a shirt with a white liner, making them attractive and eye-catching to add great warmth to in-flight passengers.

#7 Lufthansa

Lufthansa is one of the most popular and well-established European airlines on the list. Flight attendants of many ethnic groups include this German airline. Lufthansa is one of the most beautiful and beautiful top airlines in the air. They are famous for their friendly staff and excellent service. Lufthansa is a German airline based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It operates flights around the world and offers scheduled flights to more than 160 destinations on more than 850 aircraft. The airline is the second largest airline in the world after British Airways and employs more than 180,000 people worldwide.

#6  Virgin Atlantic

With a snug red suit and a stylish silk tie, the Virgin Atlantic stewardess always stands out from the crowd. These beautiful flight attendants look like HBO TV stars in fascinating red uniforms. In 2017, you were named “The Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess” in the survey. Virgin Atlantic’s “Red Hotties ” is one of the hottest places in the sky. Elegant charm and happy attitude are just a few of the phrases used to describe the virgin’s perhaps wonderful stewardess.

#5 VietJet Air

VietJet Air Jet Air is an airline that provides inbound services through Bikini Stewardess. The uniform is designed as a nifty bikini, and since most stewardesses are models, they are familiar with most fashions and are free to choose their dressing patterns and styles. These unique properties are ranked very high in aviation services and people are most fond of these unique quality services. These factors made the airline CEO the first female billionaire in Vietnam.

#4 Air France

Air France stewardesses have earned the term “freight weight” since all of their flight attendants weigh less than 60 kilograms. The hostess wears uniforms made by ‘Christian Lacroix,’ a well-known designer who has given her a supermodel appearance. They are known for offering excellent French services, with a focus on passenger advantages and, at the very least, passenger services. Even in low-cost services, passengers receive the best treatment.

#3 Thai Airlines

Thai Airways is a Thai state-owned airline known for providing the best service in terms of passenger comfort. Airlines can be called the best airlines that take the utmost care for their passengers. Over the years, they have won numerous airline service awards for the quality they bring to inbound services. The uniform is a combination of traditional and modern outfits that sets it apart from the rest and has led to the prestigious status of the airline’s premier hostess uniform.

#2 Emirates

Emirates is one of the most expensive and luxurious flight services in the world. Correspondingly, this actually pointed to the best stewardess in aviation services. These factors contributed to its function and made the airline the best in the world. Emirates offers worldwide services and employs the most elegant stewardesses from different parts of the world with different nationalities and cultures, but the airline hostess service is unique. Uniforms symbolize traditional golf culture and are very unique and attractive in appearance and style.

#1 Aeroflot Air

Aeroflot’s stewardess in a distinctive red uniform ranks third on the list of most attractive airline stewardesses. Russians are generally not highly regarded when it comes to fashion. However, Aeroflot’s stewardess’s crisp hat and bold-angled tie have been approved by passengers who have ranked airlines as the most stylish in the world in a survey by the airline ticket booking website Skyscanner.

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